Cricket on the Hill – THE FINAL DAYS!

This album contains images from the final two weeks of the Cricket on the Hill. The Cricket closed on March 15, 2008, after giving Denver 35 years of live music in what the regulars acknowledge to be a “pure dive bar”. The images are pretty much presented in chronological order and feature the final Cricket shows of Denver Joe, Buck Wild, Ellie May’s Round-Up, Wanker, King Rat, The Swanks, The Swindlers, and many others. I took over 2,000 images in the final days and will post about 200. None of these images have been cropped or edited. After you enter the gallery by clicking on the Cricket sign on the left, I suggest that you view the images through clicking the slideshow feature in the top right. I apologize to those who are not shown as much as I apologize to those who are shown. The Horror, the Horror!

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