Notes and FAQ

From Doc:

The gallery is growing and I’ve been getting many requests, suggestions, tongue-lashings and questions. Here are my responses to your FAQ’s:

1. Can I download or steal your images?

YES – feel free to download any of the images on my website for FREE. I’m in
this to promote music and musicians, not get rich. If you would like to make a 
DONATION to help offset the cost of running the website – thank you! – but you 
don’t have to do so. I can’t tell you how to download, but I know it can be easily 
done. PLEASE don’t sell my images or use them for any reason other than your 
personal enjoyment – it’s not fair to the musicians.

2. I’m a musician, can I use your images of me/us on my/our website?

OF COURSE (stupid musician!) – all I ask is photo credit to Kent “Doc” Wilson of Barfly Photo and, if possible, a link to this website If you want to use the image on your CD, flyers, or in a promo pack, get in touch so we can figure out, over a drink or two, what size and resolution you need, etc.

3. Can I get prints or enlargements?

YES – the images you can download are fine for computer usage or small off-your-printer prints, but if you want a professional, edited photo on photographic paper (not a computer print), I can print any size. See “Buying Shots”.

4. Do you have more images of the musician shown, and how do I find them?

Because space on the website is limited, I’m only putting up one or two images of the same act right now. I usually have many more of those, and other, acts “somewhere” in my house, office, or computer. If you want to see more of anyone, get in touch. If you can’t find a specific act or performer after going through the galleries, try typing in the name in the search box in the upper right area of the main gallery page and then hit “enter” on your keyboard.

5. How can I make a donation to help keep you going?

Click This Button: